• HSA award webinar

    HSA award webinar

    The HSA is holding a webinar on 12th October to showcase the work of Dr Carmen Gallo, founder of the Animal Welfare Programme at the Universidad Austral de Chile. Dr Gallo is the winner of the HSA’s 2021 Humane Slaughter Award

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  • Annual Report published

    Annual Report published

    The Annual Report for 2020-21 has just been published. Read more about how HSA's work over a challenging year

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  • Award winner announced

    Award winner announced

    The HSA is pleased to announce the winner of its 2021 Humane Slaughter Award: Dr Carmen Gallo, founder of the Animal Welfare Programme at the Universidad

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  • HSA award webinar
  • Annual Report published
  • Award winner announced

The Humane Slaughter Association

The HSA is an independent registered charity. It is the only UK charity concerned exclusively in promoting the humane treatment of all food animals worldwide, including cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, fish and minority species such as deer, in markets, during transport, at slaughter, and killing for welfare reasons and disease control.

It works through research, education, training and technical advances to bring real, practical and lasting improvements in food animal welfare.

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Below you can view a video that provides information about the welfare of farmed fish at slaughter and explains how consumers can make choices to improve finfish welfare. To view this video in other languages, please see HSA Publications webpage

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