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About The HSA

The HSA is an independent registered charity, founded in 1911. It is the only UK charity concerned exclusively in the promotion of the humane treatment of all food animals worldwide in markets, during transport, at slaughter, and killing for welfare reasons and disease control. Growing numbers of people are interested and concerned about the welfare of the animals that provide them with food and the HSA has gained an international reputation for providing practical, science-based solutions to improve food animal welfare.

The objectives of the HSA are:

  • The promotion of humane methods of slaughter;
  • The introduction of reforms in livestock markets (including transport facilities) where needed to prevent the suffering of animals.

The HSA works to achieve these through providing:

  • Technical information and advice on all aspects of animal handling, transport and slaughter.
  • Training and education in humane methods of handling and slaughter of livestock for farmers, vets, abattoir staff and students.
  • Technical and educational publications in a range of formats.
  • Independent advice to governments, animal welfare organisations and the food industry worldwide.
  • Visits to farm animal handling and slaughtering facilities, recommending and advising on improvements where necessary.
  • Funding and support for essential research and other projects aimed at improving animal welfare during transport, in markets and at slaughter.
  • Assistance with development and application of scientific advances into the working practices of the meat industry.

The HSA's work has resulted in many significant improvements for food animals around the world and many of the reforms it has promoted in transport, markets and slaughter are now taken for granted. Significant improvements continue to be achieved through working constructively alongside agricultural, meat industry, veterinary and other welfare and professional organisations.

Together we can make a difference

The HSA relies on donations, subscriptions and legacies. With your support it will continue to make practical and lasting improvements to the welfare of all food animals.

How you can help

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