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The HSA is a specialist charity that promotes advances in livestock welfare in markets, during transport and at the time of slaughter or killing. The HSA undertakes, encourages and funds research into new and improved methods and provides education and training in the principles and practice of humane slaughter methods. The HSA is a valued source of independent advice on animal welfare matters within its remit.


Research into brain structure and function and into how unconsciousness can be painlessly induced has been crucial to the development of modern science-based humane methods of slaughter and killing. Research has also been crucial in the development of humane, effective and safe methods and technology. The HSA supports research in a number of ways.

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Education and Training

The HSA offers education and training services to industry and academia, and produces award-winning training materials across a range of formats, including e-learning modules, printed publications and DVDs.

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Animal Welfare Advice

The HSA offers independent advice on animal welfare matters at markets, during transport and at slaughter. As an internationally recognised specialist charity, the HSA is well positioned to provide advice to industry, government bodies, international food business and academia.

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