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Autumn Appeal

This year's Autumn Appeal is 

To help us to train the next generation of animal welfare advocates

30 years ago this year, the charity launched the Dorothy Sidley Memorial Scholarship using donations given in memory of Miss Sidley.  The annual award scheme has currently enabled 52 students to benefit animal welfare through their work – from investigating the welfare of sheep during sea transport to the effect of pre-slaughter handling on injury and dehydration in cattle.  It has also promoted an interest in the field of animal welfare research for young scientists.

Dorothy was a remarkable woman who devoted her life to animal welfare and the HSA.  She joined the charity in 1922 as a volunteer at a time when the organisation’s first aim was to replace the pole-axe with a mechanically operated humane stunner.  In 1930, she was appointed General Secretary – a role she undertook selflessly until her retirement in 1978. There have been very few UK Acts and Regulations concerned with the welfare of livestock and poultry in which Dorothy was not involved.  In recognition of her work for animal welfare, Dorothy was awarded the MBE in 1964 and died, aged 88, in May 1984. 


We’d like to be able to carry on awarding Scholarships in Dorothy’s name to continue funding important research to improve the welfare of food animals at the time when they leave the farm and are at their most vulnerable. Please help by sending a donation in recognition of Dorothy’s work. 

Thank you for your support.

If we receive more than the amount required for this appeal, HSA will use the additional funds for other initiatives.

Please help by donating to the Autumn Appeal. Thank you for your support.

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