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Points for consideration after killing/end of the day

After the last animal has been killed at least one slaughter-person must remain on site for an additional 30 minutes to ensure all animals have been successfully dispatched. If any animals are found to be alive they must be killed immediately before the slaughterman leaves the site.

When you are leaving the site clean then disinfect yourself and your vehicle thoroughly with soap/degreaser and rinse with water, prior to applying approved disinfectant. Remove your disposable overalls and ensure they do not accidently enter any “clean” areas. If they do, tell someone immediately.  Any equipment, instruction manuals, fences/gates etc which have been used during the kill must be disinfected at the end of each day.

Psychologically it may be difficult to switch off after spending a day working in these conditions. However, allowing yourself some reflection may prove to be beneficial to your own mental health and may help you to plan in case you are involved in a similar situation in the future. Some questions you could ask yourself include:

  • Were your tasks conducted in a safe manner, and were risks minimised?
  • Were the animals treated humanely with no unnecessary suffering?
  • Were the biosecurity protocols followed?
  • If you performed the role of incident commander were you aware of any concerns, problems or difficulties the teams experienced? Were these problems rectified? Were the problems and solutions recorded in order to prevent the same issues arising in future? 

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