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HSA webinar - Wednesday 28th April 2021 - 3pm to 5.30pm BST

Slaughter of livestock – keeping it close to home

The Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) is holding a webinar to discuss the use of local or mobile slaughter facilities on Wednesday 28th April entitled Slaughter of livestock – keeping it close to home from 3 pm to 5.30 pm BST.

This event is free to attend but if you are able to do so, please consider making a donation to the HSA to enable us to continue our vital work helping to improve the welfare of livestock animals Beyond the Farm Gate. None of our work, including this webinar, would be possible without the generosity of our members and supporters. You can choose to make a donation when you register using the Donate and Register link below. To register you will need to provide your name, email address, country and institutional affiliation (if relevant). Information you share during registration for this meeting will be shared with our Webinar software provider – GoToWebinar. Further information, including the full programme of speakers will be posted here as soon as available.


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The webinar will highlight the current decline in the network of small- to medium-sized, multi-species abattoirs, and discuss how a reliable supply of locally-produced meat can be achieved practically, while maintaining and improving high standards of animal welfare.  Potential solutions include the establishment of new local abattoirs, or pop-up or mobile slaughter facilities which can be relocated to meet demand.  Details of recent developments of mobile slaughter units in the Netherlands will be included in the presentations.

The HSA’s Technical Director Charles Mason said: “The consumption of sustainable and locally-produced food is being promoted by various bodies, including Government; consequently, demand is on the rise.  Inevitably, the closure of slaughter facilities makes the supply of locally-produced and processed meat more difficult, compromises the provenance of the products, and leads to longer journeys to slaughter.  It is likely that in many cases slaughtering animals locally will have welfare benefits, but this seminar will also examine whether there may be any welfare risks in increasing the number of small, local slaughter facilities.”

The panel of speakers include

  • Charlie Mason – HSA
  • Dr Simon Doherty – MRCVS Chair of the Abattoir Sector Group
  • Dr Collin Willson and Dr Jose Camara-Diaz – Food Standards Agency
  • John Mettrick – National Craft Butchers
  • Dr Jane Guise – Fir Farm Ltd
  • Dr Annika Voogt or Dr Johan Bongers – Netherlands Food and Consumer Product  Safety Authority
  • Megan Perry – Sustainable Food Trust

The presentations will be followed by a chaired Q&A and discussion forum, during which delegates will be encouraged to share their views on the topics presented, in addition to questioning the speakers.


Terms and conditions:

  • Only delegates that are registered can attend the conference.
  • In the event of circumstances arising beyond the charity’s control, HSA reserves the right to cancel this conference at its discretion without incurring any liability in respect of such cancellation.
  • Information you share during registration for this meeting will be shared with our Webinar software provider – GoToWebinar

Contact Details:

Susan Richmond, Webinar2021 Organiser, HSA, The Old School, Brewhouse Hill, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, AL4 8AN, UK.

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