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19 March 2021

The HSA is one of the NGOs regularly asked by Government and other organisations, including industry, to scrutinize and comment on various subjects; the main ones being new legislation, proposed changes to existing legislation and welfare at slaughter standards.  Responding to these consultations is some of the most important work undertaken by the HSA, albeit low-profile compared to other efforts.  It gives the HSA opportunities to reach, inform and influence decision-makers which, in turn, may result in real improvements to animal welfare between the farm gate and slaughter.  The HSA has recently compiled responses to three consultations:

  • Defra consultation on improvements to animal welfare in transport
  • Scottish Government’s consultation on the Farm Animal Welfare Committee’s Opinion On The Welfare Of Animals During Transport
  • Red Tractor 2021 Standards Review

Image:  (Credit Tim Scrivener/AgriPhoto)

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