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HSA grant helps Sri Lankan vet to learn more about poultry welfare

16 April 2019

The HSA recently sponsored Dr Mohamed Ijas, a Municipal veterinarian in Sri Lanka, to attend two courses on animal welfare and poultry welfare at the University of Bristol in the UK.

The courses provided in-depth knowledge on the welfare of animals during handling, transport and slaughter, as well as extensive information on different stunning methods for a variety of species. 

The visit to the UK was of great value to Dr Ijas as he is a member of a technical committee that is making recommendations on Sri Lankan slaughter legislation.  The knowledge he gained from his visit to the UK will be used to promote humane slaughter practices in Sri Lanka. 

Dr Ijas said: “The overall goal of my attendance at these courses was to reduce the animal suffering during transport and slaughter through enhanced capacity and appropriate policies.  One outcome has partly been realised through the approval of cabinet ministers to make stunning compulsory prior to slaughter.” 

The visit was part of a project being undertaken by Dr Ijas which aims to minimise the pre-slaughter stress and physical injuries during the transport of animals and abate the pain at the time of slaughter.  Dr Ijas plans to increase awareness of animal welfare practices from farm to slaughter by disseminating the information through fellow veterinarians, abattoir personnel, manufacturers and undergraduates and will be assessing the benefits through both animal-based and resourced-based welfare measures.

Photo credit: Engin Akyurt/Pexels


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