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CCTV to be introduced in all slaughterhouses in England in 2018

14 November 2017

In August 2017, the Secretary of State launched a consultation on the plans to deliver a manifesto commitment for CCTV to be required in every slaughterhouse in England in all areas where live animals are present, with unrestricted access to footage for Official Veterinarians - reassuring consumers that high welfare standards are being effectively enforced. 

On Sunday 12th November, The Environment Secretary Michael Gove confirmed that CCTV recording will become mandatory in all slaughterhouses in England next year.   Legislation will be introduced in the New Year, coming into force in the Spring.  All slaughterhouses will be required to comply following an adjustment period of up to six months.

The HSA’s Technical Director Mr Charlie Mason said:  “CCTV, used properly, can be a very useful additional tool to help monitor and improve animal welfare in abattoirs.  However, much depends on how it is used - for CCTV to be effective, decisions will be needed regarding, for example, numbers/location of cameras and how the footage is recorded and analysed and the Humane Slaughter Association looks forward to seeing these proposals in more detail.

The development of protocols/guidelines may be helpful but there is a lack of published information to inform their development; which why the HSA has funded a project to assess the effects of independent CCTV auditing in the USA on animal welfare in lairage and at slaughter.”

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) will now take the plans forward following an extremely positive reaction from the industry, welfare groups and the public.

The full media release can be found here (link to

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