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HSA Technical Director to give presentation at Webinar

25 July 2017

The HSA’s Technical Director Charlie Mason will be reaching out to veterinary professionals online on Tuesday the 26th of September when he presents a webinar on the correct use of captive-bolt stunners for humane slaughter and euthanasia.

The presentation is being hosted by Webinar Vets who are leaders in providing vets with veterinary career progression through the medium of webinars.  Charlie’s presentation will cover essential information on the humane use, safety and maintenance of captive-bolt stunning equipment. 

Said Charlie: “Millions of animals are reared for food and the slaughter of these animals must be carried out in a way that causes no unnecessary pain or suffering.  The correct use and maintenance of captive-bolt equipment is essential to ensure effective, humane and safe stunning.”

The captive-bolt stunner was one of the first specialist instruments developed to stun animals humanely prior to slaughter.  Pre-slaughter stunning of adult cattle and pigs, using captive-bolt equipment, became mandatory in the UK in 1933 – largely as a result of the HSA’s efforts.

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