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Technical information poster translated into 21 languages

26 April 2017

Effective neck-cutting of poultry protects bird welfare by ensuring that birds die as quickly as possible. In the European Union it is a legal requirement (EC Regulation 1099/2009) that birds are effectively bled and, worldwide, there is a need for guidance on effective neck-cutting.

In 2016 the HSA provided industry and small-scale producers with guidance on this method, in the form of a Technical Information Poster ‘Effective neck-cutting of poultry’ which illustrates the anatomical location of the most critical blood vessels, how to reliably sever them and how to assess the quality of a neck cut. The HSA is now in the process of translating this poster into 21 languages including Dutch, Filipino, German, Indonesian, Persian, Swahili (the KSPCA have kindly offered to distribute the posters at markets and slaughterhouses in Kenya) and Turkish.

The posters are now available free-of-charge on our website. Click there to go to the poster translation webpage.

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