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Guidance Notes on Electrical Waterbath Stunning of Poultry translated into French

25 April 2016

The HSA’s Guidance Notes No 7 on Electrical Waterbath Stunning of Poultry are now available in French following a request by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry.

The HSA gave the French Government permission to translate the guide as the publication is intended for a global audience and provides comprehensive good practice guidance that is intended to assist animal welfare officers (AWOs), vets, managers and trainers of personnel working with live birds.  The Guidance Notes, which can be accessed free-of-charge via the HSA’s website ( give examples of Standard Operating Procedures and guidance on risk assessment for animal welfare.

Charles Mason, Technical Director of the HSA said: “We are grateful to the Direction Générale de l’Alimentation, Service des Actions Sanitaires en Production Primaire, Sous Direction de la Santé et de la Protection Animale, Bureau de la Protection Animale, France, who translated the guide.  We are hoping to be able to translate the guide into a number of languages to make it as accessible as possible.” 

Since its foundation over 100 years ago, the HSA has been a significant force in bringing about fundamental and long-lasting improvements in food animal welfare, many of which we now take for granted.  The charity is internationally recognised for its livestock expertise and provides education and training in the fields of transport, marketing and slaughter in the United Kingdom and around the world.

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