Neck Dislocation Techniques

In practice, a variety of techniques and equipment are used for neck dislocation. Neck dislocation should involve sudden stretching of the neck to instantly damage the brain stem, the lower part of the brain from which the spinal cord arises, and cause extensive damage to the major blood vessels. Do not worry if you accidentally decapitate the bird in the process of neck dislocation, the effect will be the same.

Effective neck dislocation disrupts the normal co-ordination between brain activity and spinal reflexes, which can result in uncontrolled wing flapping and body movement. Do not be alarmed by this involuntary movement, it will continue in the unconscious bird until the spinal cord stops functioning.

You must never attempt to kill a bird by crushing its neck (e.g. with pliers or other tools). This does not have the same effect as neck stretching and is neither quick nor humane. Equipment that simply crushes the neck is therefore not recommended.

Examples of unsuitable neck crushing equipment.


If neck dislocation has to be carried out, careful consideration should be given to the size and species of bird on which it is used: the larger the bird the harder it is to kill humanely using this method.

Neck dislocation is not recommended without prior stunning because its use cannot guarantee a consistent and immediately effective stun.


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