Static Restrainers

Static restrainers are normally used for larger animals such as adult pigs or cattle. In order to encourage the animal to walk into the restrainer, the gate and far end should not be solid, so that the animal can see ahead. The restrainer should be well lit to encourage the animal to enter, and the stunner operator should be out of the animal’s field of vision. An escape gate, close to the entrance to the restrainer, should be provided to allow the animal to be removed from the approach race in an emergency.

When operated, the restrainer gently grips the animal from either one or both sides, or positions the animal with a combination of a neck yoke, static head restraint and rump pusher. If gates or the crush are operated pneumatically, then the pistons should be vented outside the animal handling and lairage area to reduce startling noises, and be set to prevent excessive pressure on the animals.


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