Restrainer-conveyors are designed and used for high throughputs, especially for sheep and pigs. They can present animals for head-only, head-to-back or head-to-body stunning. Restrainer-conveyors fall into two categories: either two belts mounted in a ‘V’ which grip the animal from both sides and carry it to the point of stunning; or a narrow single conveyor to support the belly of the animal.restrainer

Animals should be restricted to a single file before entering the conveyor. The drover must also be able to reach the start of the conveyor, from the side, to encourage animals into it without having to lean over others waiting to enter, or having to push those waiting from behind. In case of an emergency, stop buttons should be within easy reach of both the drover and stunner operator, and a procedure must be in place for removing animals from the conveyor in the event of a breakdown.

If electrodes are placed manually, the speed of the conveyor must be such that the animals are presented to the operator at a rate which allows effective stunning to be carried out. Changes in the required throughput of the plant should not compromise the proper stunning of the animals.

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