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Concussion Stunning

Concussion stunning involves the application of a severe blow to the skull to cause immediate unconsciousness, or, if sufficient force is applied, death. This must be followed by neck-cutting or neck dislocation to ensure the death of the bird. 


The following pages describe the use of specially designed concussion stunning equipment. It is not easy to ensure an effective blow to the skull with manual concussion stunning (e.g. using a heavy rod) and it requires complete commitment in order to destroy the brain in one fast blow. If not applied accurately and with sufficient force, it will cause extreme distress and suffering. 

In the EU, if specialised mechanical concussion equipment is not available nor any other better method, manual concussion may be used but this must only be in an emergency to prevent suffering and can only be used for birds less than 5kg liveweight and for no more than 70 birds per person per day.


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