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The HSA also offers grants for essential research and other projects aimed at improving animal welfare during transport, in markets and at slaughter. Applications may be made for funds that will enable work or research in any of the following areas that will directly further the HSA’s charitable objectives in respect of farmed livestock:

  • The promotion of humane methods of slaughter;
  • The introduction of reforms or improvements in livestock markets;
  • The introduction or development of improvements in animal transport facilities.

Recent examples of HSA-funded projects include:

  • Production of a training DVD for dealing with livestock transport vehicle emergencies
  • Development of equipment for monitoring modified atmosphere stunning of poultry
  • Investigating the effect of electrical stunning on sea bass
  • Investigating the welfare of broilers during the pre-slaughter period

Grants ranged in value from £750 to £5600 for the above projects.

How to apply:

Applications may be made at any time. An application form may be downloaded from the HSA website or obtained from the HSA office. Contact the HSA for further details.

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